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Monday, November 21, 2005

My weekend?

Well, what it was, was busy. Let me see if I can make a list…

-Went to see Walk the Line with BSU after work, as previously posted.
-Watched my new Jeremiah Johnson DVD before bedtime. It followed me home from Wal-Mart where I went searching unsuccessfully for the Madagascar DVD. JJ is one of my favorite all time movies, so finding a $10 DVD version was a celebration.
-Discovered that the battery clock assembly purchased earlier in the day had too short a shaft for my Bomb Dump, Grammar Grinch clock. (I should get a picture of this clock, I'm pretty proud of it.)

-A little schoolwork- very little.
-Took the BSU out for breakfast at Village Inn and then carpet shopping. Its gonna be 1800 bucks, minimum!
-Returned home, dropped off spouse, took boy and went to Wal-Mart. Did my part for National Ammo Day as previously posted.
-Son Noah and I installed the first 2 of the 4 blue light ropes (I know the picture on the link shows red lights, mine are blue.) I bought on Friday over the front porch and carport. Looks good.
-Tinkered with the scooter.
-Some target shooting with the air rifle from inside the shop.

-Laundry- wash, dried, folded and put mine away.
-Put up plastic storm material on downstairs bathroom window and two large picture windows upstairs. This job is done except for boy's room and he is supposed to do those by his own self.
-Washed the dishes.
-Scrubbed shower stall and washed shower curtain.
-Installed two more rope light sets on the front of roof edge, again with Noah's help. These blue ropes are going to be pretty and much easier to install. Maybe I need more strings...
-Grocery shopping at the commissary with the spouse. Turkey is 24 pounds this year, I have no idea why.
-KFC for dinner even though there is $175 worth of groceries in the back seat. Again, I have no idea why...
-Tinkered with the scooter some more. My relay wiring is working backwards, that is, not working… Hmm.
-Missed by one hour seeing the beginning of Poseidon Adventure so skipped that for whatever else was on. I also did NOT know that this was a new version until I looked it up for a link. I expected it to be the 1972 original but according to this review I didn't miss much. And it was 3 hours! I never would have sat through all that!
-Rehung shower curtain.
-Installed clock motor. Reglued plastic numbers and star to metal faceplate. Spent 15 minutes getting spray adhesive off fingers.
-Practiced with my dulcimer for an hour before bedtime. "Are You Sleeping" is recognizable. "Amazing Grace" not so much. "Silent Night" has high notes that are tricky because I loose my place on the frets but its recognizable too. I cannot figure out how to use a noter properly, whether its supposed to be lifted or slid. Trying to follow the instructions for making chords is too advanced for me yet also. Even the BSU says my efforts are beginning to sound like music! That's a mighty big compliment from her.

Still need to find a DVD of Madagascar...

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